SteamFriends Projects

As the upcoming Source engine update is probably going to break a couple of older plugins like the Mani Admin plugin, the developer’s team: FlyingMongoose, Olly, Devicenull, sslice, pimpinjuice and Nokia have been working very hard on creating a lot of extra functionality for the upcoming release of SourceMod, the new Source engine admin and scripting extension.

SourceMod by default will feature basic admin functionality like ingame kicking, banning, slaying, map votes etc but the extra plugins/scripts created by the SF team for SourceMod will expand the functionality with a lot of very handy features most admins would want on their servers.

Some examples of these plugins are:
– Advanced Team Attack Control
– IRC Relay
– Knife Mugging
– Aimbot detection with IRC support
– Ingame RSS feeds
and a lot more….

You can follow progress on these plugins on our website or on our special developers source plugins page but you can ofcourse also come and have a chat with one of ouor developers in our IRC channel at #steamfriends.

Plugins will be posted on our plugins page as soon as we find them stable and ready for release!