SourceMod 1.0.4 released

The Alliedmodders team has just released the final built of SourceMod 1.04. This will be the last release in the 1.0 series. 1.0.4 is a bug fix release only. All plugins and extensions remain backwards compatible.

From Bailopan: “The snapshot page will now only provide 1.1 snapshots, and we’re hoping a 1.1 release is coming soon. A huge amount of work has gone into the 1.1 branch over the past two months. It’s beta quality and I encourage people to try it out and give feedback.”

Changelog for SourceMod 1.04

  • Fixed amb1986: Format() with very long strings could crash if the input and output buffers overlapped.
  • Fixed amb1938: The compiler ate too many characters in preprocessor macros.
  • Fixed amb1935: Topmenu child names were not uncached when a category was deleted.
  • Fixed amb1929: Banning via the console threw a runtime error.
  • Fixed amb1918: Ban menu should compare userids, not client indexes
  • Fixed amb1916: Threaded query delay is now 50ms instead of 500ms.
  • Fixed amb1899: Duplicate maps in auto generated maplists.
  • Fixed amb1891: Basechat didn’t check for blank message in private says.
  • Fixed amb1853: Ternary operators with string assignments could chop strings off.
  • Fixed amb1815: Custom admin menu wasn’t escaping input.
  • Fixed amb1808: KickClient() is now delayed to prevent crashes, use KickClientEx for old functionality.
  • Fixed amb1802: Possible crash when a client disconnected.
  • Fixed amb1801: Improved bot detection, and fixed bots crashing if inside an OrangeBox server.cfg.
  • Fixed amb1780: admin-sql-threaded had a debug spew turned on.
  • Fixed amb1779: Crash in GetTeamName() on mods that don’t support it.
  • Fixed amb1763: Function call status is now cleared on a new function call.
  • Fixed amb1749: Updated and improved DoD:S SDKTools coverage.
  • Fixed team native crashes in SDKTools for mods like Insurgency.
  • Fixed various file handle leaks.