SourceBans 1.3.5 Released!

The latest version of SourceBans has been released. 1.3.5 brings with it some new features (as always).

To get the update, click the following link:

For more information on SourceBans, checkout the project page:

  • Time limited bans. Admins can no longer ban permanently in-game if they don’t have unban permission in-game. If you want admins to be able to ban permanently, but not unban, make sure you set Unban to 0 in sourcebans.cfg.
  • Unban reason. Now you can specify why you unbanned someone. Both in-game through sm_unban and through the webpanel by filling in the popup after clicking Unban.
  • Ban protests/submissions archive. Instead of your old ban protests/submissions being deleted, they are now archived for later reference.
  • There is of course lots more, the full list is below.

The change log is as follows.
01. * Added single server refreshing on server page
02. * Added unbanned by field for unbanned bans on the banlist
03. * Added protester IP shown in protest
04. * Added protest for IP bans
05. * Added server list on submit ban page
06. * Added admin names hidden for non-admins in ban list
07. * Added option “Other server / Not listed here” for Submission forms server list
08. * Added list of blocks that belong to a ban in ban details
09. * Added time limited ban for admins
10. * Added new TF2 map images
11. * Added permanent ip bans export
12. * Added archive ban submissions and protests
13. * Added reban button
14. * Added unban reason
15. * Added sm_rehash on admin modifications
16. * Added ability to submit IPs for banning
17. * Added field for submitter’s name in submission form
18. * Added fail-safe request for ban unban and delete buttons
19. * Added Server Identification to “Latest Players Blocked”
20. * Added search for ban type (Steam ID or IP)
21. * Added admin online status on server admin page
22. * Added ban and kick buttons on servers page
23. * Added type check to login
24. * Added ability to import banned_ip.cfg
25. * Added themes_c folder clearing to updater
26. * Added InterWave logo as default main page
27. * Made the ‘title’ info variable, set it in the settings page
28. * Installer’s debug mode can now be switched on with &debug;=1
29. ! Fixed a rare server proxy error showing error
30. ! Fixed problems with htmlspecialchars
31. ! Fixed server admin online status bug
32. ! Fixed typo on group adding form help
33. ! Fixed permissions checking corrected for root and owner of ban
34. ! Fixed a IE beauty mess up with KickIt iframe
35. ! Fixed error displaying on group adding form and so hopefully #328 too
36. ! Fixed PHP notice errors in debug mode
37. ! Fixed the admin server search again. every admin is only shown once now.
38. ! Fixed some xajax errors in admin add form
39. ! Fixed web panel settings for PHP 5.1 or less
40. ! Fixed single server access don’t get saved at admin add form
41. ! Fixed admin server search
42. ! Fixed server click dashboard cosmetic problem
43. ! Fixed some ajax errors with dashboard
44. ! Fixed some error-showing-errors with PasteBan() function
45. ! Fixed problems with mysql magic quotes and IIS
46. ! Fixed history count for ip and steamid bans
47. ! Fixed some search paginating problems
48. ! Fixed imported bans not doing proper ban checks
49. ! Fixed export and import bugs
50. ! Fixed dashboard being unavailable if other default page is chosen
51. ! Fixed the edit ban form to fit the new ip/steamid ban mask
52. ! Fixed prevoff_link for searching for ip bans
53. ! Fixed some stylesheet errors
54. ! Fixed ban reasons from dropdown list are just short versions
55. ! Fixed popups don’t close on click on ‘OK’…
56. ! Fixed long servernames get cut in two lines at admin server list.
57. ! Fixed KickIt displaying servers twice
58. ! Fixed typo in server delete confirmation
59. ! Fixed Viper’s quote not showing the username
60. ! Fixed check for previous ip bans on ban adding
61. ! Fixed problems with installer layout and disabled error logging
62. ! Fixed being unable to select information in ban log dialog
63. ! Fixed AJAX/Script setting reasons
64. ! Fixed date missing from ban submission details
65. ! Fixed erroneous template entries for reason.msg
66. ! Fixed AddBan with KickIt enabled errors while in developer or debug mode
67. – Removed old code from admin.bans.php for importing bans
68. – Removed irritating log output in debug mode
69. + Increased length of ban insert query or reason string
70. + Updated IpToCountry.csv
71. ? Changed installer footer to 😉