TF2: Basic Admin Tool in progress..


Our good friend EKS is currently working on a new release of his BAT (Basic Admin Tool) plugin for MetaMod: Source 1.6 that will work with the new Orange box Source engine used in Team Fortress 2.


  • Admin commands via Client Console
  • Admin commands via Server Console
  • Admin commands via Chat Console
  • Admin menu
  • Admin chat
  • Admin login via Steamid / IP
  • Admin login via MySQL (Supporting both: amxbans,sourcebans & its own webinterface)
  • Autorespond to public chat messages ( timeleft and nextmap )
  • Votekick / voteban and from chat
  • Mapvoting system ( Either via menu or chat )
  • Add maps that are outside mapcycle to Admin menu
  • Add maps that are outside mapcycle to vote menu
  • Rockthevote system
  • Reserved slots system
  • Autoexec map config files ( like cfg/mapconfig/de_dust2.cfg )
  • Automatic STEAM_ID_PENDING kicker
  • Interface that allows other plugins to easy get admin information

The cool part is that the plugin will also be able to work with Sourcebans, our own written Server/Ban administration tool.