Donate is fully supported by TechConnect and its partners. Nonetheless, it is currently not focusing on creating revenue as it is built on communities and maintained by the people behind these communities. Just like any other community the people behind it do most of their things in their spare time and appreciate it when they get something back from it. This is now possible in the form of donations.

Why donate? tries to bring its community and the communities attached to it the latest innovations on the Steam Platform. One of these projects, for example, is SourceBans, but also, enhancements to the website or many other great plugins developed by developers who operate under the name of

Even though runs advertisements this only covers running the website, game servers and if there is any money left it is spend helping out projects like SteamBans, SourceMod or HL2 mods.

What is the money spent on?
The team wants to keep bringing new and interesting innovations, plugins and anything else to its community. The money that comes in through donations is to make sure that the developers can keep working in an environment that doesn’t hold them back and give the developers something back in the form of games for example. The money is not only spent on developers, but also to continue giving to you, the community, the best game servers to play on. Game servers with the best statistics, anti-cheat possibilities, and serious and reliable administrators.

How much and how to donate?
The team understands that most people don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, but every little bit helps. As a lot of little bits make a bigger bit. If you have a Euro or a Dollar (or maybe more) to spare you can donate it to the PayPal account by clicking the button below. The PayPal button brings you over a secure connection to a window where you can fill in how much you want to donate.