As you might know SteamFriends.com is a community built on clans and people involved around Steam gaming. The people behind SteamFriends are working around the clock to provide more services for the future which will allow clans to setup their own forums and introduce them to others aswell as to get in touch with other people.

Apart from that we are currently looking for clans in Europe and the USA that are willing to be a member of our community. Being a member of SteamFriends aka being a SteamFriends Elite gives your clan a lot of extra’s like:

  • Leaders can become admins on all SF servers
  • VIP Reserved slots on all SF servers for the leaders
  • You get a team listing on the Members pages
  • You can sent mails to all your members from one place
  • You can setup your own member ranks and leaders
  • A chance to win an upcoming Finalbattleground premium membership
  • Free Teamspeak Channel with Admin rights
  • Your own clanpage and forums on SteamFriends to promote your clan
  • Be able to play and be part of amazing fast gameservers in Europe
    and the United States
  • Option to get a clan warserver (rules to follow)
  • Be able to suggest new public servers (or modifications)
  • More to come…

What we want in return?

  • You play public on our SteamFriends gaming servers and be part of our community
  • You and your team members donate Plinks (when playing CSS) to SF
  • Dedication and support to our community (when necessary)
  • Help us to become an amazing, friendly and welcome place for players on the internet

Interested? If you meet the criteria, please go here and fill in all required information for your clan and wait for your clan to be accepted. Also make sure your members sign up on our forums and sign up for your clan once it has been approved.

After approval, admins should PM Viper their STEAMID so they can be added as Admins

Note: Members can even join multiple clans in our Elite’s application