Welcome to I-Fluid, the PC game that will plunge you into an exciting and unprecedented physics-based adventure where the smallest and most common object can become your worst enemy!

In I-Fluid you will experience our everyday life from the eyes of a drop of water! Just imagine escaping a generous breakfast while avoiding absorbing tablecloth, breads and cakes scattered all around; to cross all sort of vegetables cooking in a frying pan without vaporizing yourself; to face thirsty cockroaches and make your way through a Mexican party or to find your way in a pitch black kitchen only illuminated by a firefly passing by. Many other original and exciting situations like this await you!

So look out for vegetables and fruits that can regenerate you with water and be ready to jump, cling on walls and even control humid objects to accomplish various objectives!

  • A fresh adventure with dozens of original ideas!
  • 15 levels plunging you in amusing situations
  • Enjoy 3 different modes: Mission, Petals and Time Attack
  • A full physical world featuring tons of interactions with photo realistic environments
  • Acquire diverse abilities throughout the game: jump, double jump, cling on walls and even control objects
  • Watch out for absorbing surfaces such as sugar, sponges or the deadly flour that will immediately absorb you
  • Use fruits and vegetables to regenerate you with water
  • Stay away from hot surfaces that evaporate you
  • Avoid thirsty insects trying to swallow you up
  • Solve entertaining and unique physics-based puzzle that will thrill your neurons and foster your imagination
  • Explore an amazing loft and discover our everyday life from an unexpected perspective!