Calamity Fuse

Calamity Fuse is an online multi-player fantasy game being developed by Matrieya Studios LLC using Valve’s Source(TM) Engine. Players will join in teams to do battle using guns, swords, and various powers in fully real-time combat. Harness Numen powers of prescience to create focused or wide area effects which can aid you and your team in battle. Battles take place in an immersive new world where the fate of humanity is constantly challenged by forces of nature, machine, and prophecy. Teams will work together online to win their way and alter the course of humanity.

Enlist. Choose your team based on your ideals. Devote yourself to the Numeni Order, an ancient world-wide order faithful to the prophetic Archon. Join the masters of the Numen arts and empower your team to victory. Or arm yourself with the Machindo Network and change the world with technological revolution. Take initiative using a new wave of advanced weaponry built specifically for your cause, and win.

Get Armed. Calamity Fuse takes place in a world where swords and guns are bravely used side by side in combat. Choose from a vast array of Melee and Ranged weapons that can be equipped alone or used in conjunction for a variety of combat tactics. Or arm yourself with a Numen enhancing weapon and maximize your combat abilities.

  • Firearms Pistols, rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns everything you need to pump your enemy full of holes. Reach out and touch somebody… at 800 rounds per minute.
  • Melee Melee weapons are powerful, close-range weapons that allow the player great strength and versatility for the advantage in a clinch.
  • Numen Focusing on the powers of the prescience allows the player to summon elemental nasties on their enemies, or assist their allies to victory with healing and buffs.

Numen. Master the skills of the ancients as you build and combine effects into your own customized special abilities. Summon elemental effects in the battlefield to enhance you and your allies, or weaken and afflict your enemies; or use it to blow everything away with raw power. The choices are nearly limitless with what you can combine and create.

  • Base Numen are basic attack/defense types, like Fire, Poison, Heal, or Shield. These form the core of a Numen combination.
  • Force Numen dictate how the Numen materializes. It acts upon the Base Numen and controls how it appears and affects your targets, from Bullet and Explosion to Projectile and Area Effect.
  • Augment Numen perform additional modifications upon standing combinations. A player may choose to have their Numen drain health from the enemy and give it to the caster, or apply the elemental type of their combination to their weapon for extra damage.
  • Detached Numen act only alone and are not combinable with other Numen, but provide valuable traits and skills such as stat buffs, stealth, or special abilities and attacks.

Team Up. Work with friends in a game where teamwork is creative and rewarding by design. Unique scoring system accounts for a variety of playing styles allowing for dynamic, goal oriented gameplay.