Source Games Compendium

Enjoy this lovingly-crafted compilation of all complete and upcoming, free and commercial Source games and modifications. Put together by Source fans for Real Gamers ™, this listing provides enough mouth-watering tidbits to power a drool tsunami – remember that you’ll need HL2 active in your Steam account to play the modifications!

Licensed Source games (paid)

Released from Valve:
MP Counter-Strike: Source
MP Day of Defeat: Source
SP Half-Life: Source
MP Half-Life: Source Deathmatch
SP Half-Life 2: Source (PC and X360)
MP Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
SP Half-Life 2: Episodes (1 and 2) (PC, PS3 and X360)
SP Portal (PC, PS3 and X360)
MP Team Fortress 2 (PC, PS3 and X360)

Released from others:
MP Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
MP Garry’s Mod
MP KumaWar 2
MP Dino Hunters
MP Dogfights: The Game
SP Sin: Episodes
MP Shootout: The Game
MP The Killpoint Game
MP The Ship
SP Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
SP VR Worlds 2


Upcoming (Not yet released):

MP Alien Swarm: Infested
MP Deep 6
MP Left4dead (PC and X360)
MP Mabinogi Heroes
MP Postal 3 (PC and X360)
MP Prime
MP Salvation
MP StarWars: The new Era Source
MP They Hunger: Lost Souls
MP The Crossing
MP Twilight War: After the Fall
MP Untitled Warren Spector game
MP Untitled Threewave Software game
MP Zeno Clash

Free Source games (mods)

SP A Frayed Stitch in Time
MP Absence
MP Age of Chivalry
MP Art of Ascension
SP Awakening
MP Battlegrounds 2
MP Combine Destiny
MP Decloak: Source
MP Dodgeball
MP Dystopia
SP Eclipse
SP Enhanced HL2
MP Empires (Strategy)
MP Eternal Silence
Exitemod (Portal clone)
SP Flipside
MP Fortress Forever
SP Follow Freeman
MP Forsaken
MP Goldeneye: Source
MP Half-Life 2: Assault
MP Half-Life 2: Wars
MP Gutter Runners
MP Hidden: Source
MP Half-Life 2: Capture the flag
MP Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Pro
SP Half-Life 2: The Awakening
MP Insects Infestation
MP Insurgency
MP International Online Soccer: Source
MP Iron Grip: The Oppression
MP Jailbreak: Source
MP Kreedz Climbing
SP Minerva
MP NeoForts
MP Obisidian Conflict (coop)
MP Perfect Dark: Source
MP Pirates, Vikings and Knights II
MP Plan of Attack
SP Portal Prelude
MP Rebels: Source (coop)
MP Resistance and Liberation
SP Riot Act
MP Rock 24
MP Stridermod
MP Synergy (coop)
MP SourceForts
MP Troy: Divine playground
MP Weekend Warrior
MP Zombiemaster
MP Zombie Panic



Not yet released:
SP Black Mesa: Source
MP Bisounours Party
SP BlueShift 2
MP Curse
MP Dark Source
MP Distant Hope
MP Dragonball Adventures
Dreamscape: Pin point blank
MP Drek Racing
MP FireArms: Source
SP Generation
SP Ghost Soldiers
SP Gundam: The battle
MP Ham and Jam
MP Incoming: Source
Left Behind
Lethal Agents
MP Mario-Kart: Source
MP Mech Assault: Genesis
MP Neotokyo
MP No more room in hell
MP Nuclear Dawn
MP Off Limits
Project Oblivion
Project: unknown
MP Resident Evil: Twilight Source
Rogue Threat
Science and Industry 2 (coop)
Shattered Society
Shores of Glory
Sourceball (sports)
MP Stargate: The last stand
MP Sven Co-op 2 (coop)
The Focus
The lost prophecies: Shadows of Winter (fantasy)
The Storm of Steel
The Survivors
The Wastes: Source
Wanted Mod: Outlaws and Lawmen
MP World at War

SP = Single player! | MP = Multi player!