SourceMod Mani-Admin-Plugin Project

Hey everyone,
Its been about 8 months since the last Mani-Admin-Plugin update, and oh what a sad day it was. But no, we shouldn’t get discouraged, keep your chin up :] The SteamFriend’s development team, primarily me, is working on a full port to SourceMod, but it isn’t just a port, its a complete rewrite. This time around, features will be split up into a modular based system. We will take advantage of the SourceMod scripting engine, developed by BAILOPAN and the rest of the staff. All modules will be programmed through SourceMod plugins. The base system is coded, but this is where I need your help!

We need a list of every single feature to port from Mani-Admin-Plugin, this way I can work at one thing at a time in an orderly fashion. The faster we can get stuff on that tracker, the faster we can get this plugin cooking :]

A big thank you to all the SteamFriends people. Please visit their site at the following address to show support for this plugin.