CSS Onslaught 0.70 released

Onslaught is a server plugin for CSS that adds a new style of gameplay. Control all the capture points (respawn generators) to win. The plugin includes player classes and respawning similar to Capture the Flag or Day of Defeat. Each player class is given certain weapons (depending on their skill level), has a special skill, and has a limited number of powerup items such as a jump pad or health vial.

– Added: Linux version
– Change: Increased strength of trip mine explosion.
– Fix: cs_compound control points to prevent fast CT wins
– Change: Base speed adjusted for classes instead of similuation
time being adjusted. This means that jumping now obeys gravity correctly for scout, heavy, etc. Players will feel a difference between class specific speeds and the Soldier’s adrenaline item. This also means that faster classes can jump slightly farther since they are moving faster (which wasn’t true before). – Change: adjusted ragdoll dissolve times
– Change: default respawn time is now 4 seconds