Source Detox Anti-cheat 1.1 build 22 available

Detox is a server-side anti-cheat plugin for the Source Engine with auto updater. The main purpose of this plugin is to provide server admins and players with a better overall protection against cheats and exploits. Right now it supports full anti wallhack and anti speedhack.

This new version adds the following features:


  • Multi-lingual supportAnd the following changes/fixes:
  • Fixed a problem where anti-speedhack did not work for certain player slots
  • Anti-wallhack optimizationsI would like to personally thank these people for providing translations:
  • Wook (German)
  • KillahInstinct (Dutch)
  • Sipi (Norwegian, Danish)
  • Borg (Swedish)
  • Stormy- (Finnish)
  • exvel (Russian)
  • Amt and Miki (Chinese)Even after all of the contributions, we are still missing some languages that we would like to see Detox support. If you would like to see Detox in your own language, visit this forum thread.CVAR’s you can use in server.cfg:
    detox_wh 1/0 : 0 turns off anti-wallhack (1 is default)
    detox_sh 1/0 : 0 turns off anti-speedhack (1 is default)
    detox_public 1/0 : when set to 1 uses cvar rules that are less strict than ones used for league play (1 recommended for public servers, 0 for warservers) Note: this will be replaced by a new ‘profile’ system in the future.