Black Mesa Source interview @ YG

The team at Yougamers is having an interview with the Black Mesa (Source) team about their upcoming free modification that is all about Half-Life 1 going Source but then with a complete redesign of everything.

YouGamers: A brief story of your team – when and how was it born? How many people are working on the game now?

Rose: The team was founded by Jon Dominski and Jimmy Headdon, two forum members from, prior to the release of Half-Life 2. Using the now-defunct Leak-Free forums as a base, concept and pre-development documents were created, and a small team was created, which was probably close to 10 or 15 members. Now, we have over 50 developers in various departments; ranging from concept and art creation to voice acting and project management.

YouGamers: How long before we will be able to play the game? Approximately how much is done?

Rose: I’d love to give you an exact date. Unfortunately, I’m just going to say it’s done when it’s done. We’ve given out a couple of estimates on our boards and publically that I can’t recall at the moment. We are making substantial progress in various areas, though; levels are starting to come together and become playable and we’ve got some nifty new pieces of code in the works, not to mention the ever-steady flow of new assets such as props and textures.