Left 4 Dead dedicated server coming

Valve let us know that the dedicated server files for Left 4 Dead are on their way and should be available to server admins before the demo release.

“We’ll be releasing the Left 4 Dead dedicated server files prior to the Left 4 Dead demo being released. More details will be sent to the mailing lists when we have them.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding running a Left 4 Dead server:

1) The CPU load for the Left 4 Dead server will be higher than you’re used to for games like TF2. Left 4 Dead has a bunch of A.I. for the zombies, etc., that games like TF2 don’t have.

2) Left 4 Dead uses a new matchmaking system we’re developing. We’ll be working with the server admin community to make sure the new system operates as smoothly as possible. More details on this later.”

SteamFriends will have 5 public servers available for US and European players. Next to that we will also have 4 Private servers available where SF Members can play together.