Black Mesa Source news

The Black Mesa Source team has released a whole bunch of new media to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Half-Life 1. Their coders have been hard at work changing and expanding the AI and lots of the NPCs have been brought to life by their voice actors.

“Making a 12+ hour game is a monumental task, but we’re still powering ahead with development and making great progress. Our programmers have been hard at work overhauling and expanding the AI, and lots of our NPCs have been brought to life by our talented voice actors. Levels and chapters continue to be worked on and fine tuned, with large sections strung together and playable. We’ve also begun tackling the final content of the game, some of the most creative and technically challenging stuff we’ve had to do yet. And team members across the board continue to push the envelope and redefine what’s possible in a Source game.

While known by some hardcore Black Mesa fans, we’d like to officially state that we’ve upgraded to the Orange Box build of the Source engine. We’re also excited to announce that we’ve dropped Counter-Strike: Source as a requirement for Black Mesa, and from now on, the only thing you’ll need to play the mod is a Steam account with any Source engine game installed! Black Mesa is now running completely off of our own content and base Source shared content, and we felt the vastly increased user base more then justified creating all the extra assets needed to make this switch.”

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