The Scout, the Heavy and Princess Peach in Left 4 Dead

Well, not literally speaking, but you might be surprised to know that their voices are definitely there!

After a voice actor hunt on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, it has emerged that many of the voice acting stars in Left 4 Dead have had some interesting work in the past.

While a couple of the Survivors featured in Team Fortress 2, one of them is even the voice of Princess Peach and Toad from the Super Mario series!

Take a look below to see exactly who voiced what – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Jim French
Bill – Left 4 Dead
Father Grigori – Half-Life 2

Left 4 Dead - Screenshot 2547

That’s right – Zoey IS Princess Peach. She hid that well

Jen Taylor
Zoey – Left 4 Dead
Cortana – Halo 2/3
Jessica Cannon – SiN Episodes: Emergence
Princess Peach – Various Mario games including Super Princess Peach and Mario Tennis
Toad – again, various Mario games including Mario Kart

Mike Patton
Infected Sounds – Left 4 Dead
Infected Sounds – I Am Legend
The Angry Sphere from Glados final battle – Portal

Dennis Bateman
Left 4 Dead – Helicopter Pilot
Pyro/Spy – Team Fortress 2

John Patrick Lowrie
Houseboat Radio – Left 4 Dead
Sniper – Team Fortress 2
Narrator – Total Annihilation

Gary Schwartz
Airport Runway Radio – Left 4 Dead
Team Fortress 2 – Heavy/Demoman

David Scully
Farmhouse Radio – Left 4 Dead
Sergeant Avery J. Johnson/Elites – Halo 3

Nathan Vetterlein
Church Lunatic – Left 4 Dead
Scout – Team Fortress 2