Christmas Giveaway 2008: Left 4 Free

You know it’s Christmas time when the tree’s decorated, the snow’s gently falling all around your warm home, and you can finally get down to do some serious gaming, away from the work that so unfairly cripples your professional game.

We can’t compete with mother nature when it comes to snow and trees, but we sure can do something about the gaming, and provide you with the year’s hottest titles for your dystopic enjoyment, in our Left4Free Christmas competition.

This Yule season, Steamfriends is giving away a copy of Call of Duty 5, Left 4 Dead, the Orange Box and Grand Theft Auto 4, on the PC, so that you can get your gaming on in style. It doesn’t matter whether zombies, international warfare or gang crime’s your ticket, we’ve got you covered, and you are most welcome.

To enter the Left4Free Christmas competition, simply tell us the names of the four Survivor characters in Left4Dead, by email to, with title ‘LEFT4FREE’. And don’t forget to include your STEAM Username or emailadress so you can get surprised

Multiple entries and Techconnect employees will be disqualified, while emails containing lewd pictures will go to the premium extraction pile. The competition closes on December 24, 2008, and the winners will be randomly selected amongst all the participants.

What are you waiting for? Fire up those email clients!