Prices Steam Euros

Buy on Steamfriends site with prices from other countries

This means that by connecting to the site/service from Italy you will probably have a diversion price (depending on the product) maybe from what they will see the users who connect from England.

Right or wrong that is this thing, this topic I will not discuss it here (but I say that for me is right: P… if used well), but I will explain you come overcome this problem and still manage to buy with the price you prefer.

Not only that, some games/products will not be available in your country, but with the same gambol you can buy them anyway.

Basic requirements for this guide:
-Basic knowledge of the Web
-Minimum understanding/logic capability

Come add-on for Firefox tip: Foxyproxy
For Chrome instead I recommend: Switchysharp

First part: What price do we want and what country are we?

Let’s start for example with the game LEFT4DEAD.
Game tale is located at this address:

By opening the link you will find a certain price, most likely in euros (if you were for example by connecting to the site with an Italian connection)

Come to rate to see the US price?
Add on top to fiance’s address this code:? CC = US
You will then have the new address so written:

Us is going to the United States.

If you want to return to see the Italian price will put instead:? CC = EN

Thus obtaining the link in this format:

Each country has its own 2-letter code, you can find a list here:
Maybe you’re looking for more code lists on Google with keywords: country/code.

Just so for example that you take the code of another country, you put it after:? CC = XX (where xx is the country code) and then again after all the address pointing to the game chosen by you.

It is not of course said that Steam has a diversification for each country or however I can not know not having access to its source code.

Passive all countries that you think can have varying prices and/or lower than your normal and once you choose steps to the second part of the guide.

For comparison prices (which will probably be in different currencies) I recommend the of this site/free service:

Or you can also go to Google and scrviere these programmable:
100 USD to EUR
100 GBP to EUR
100 EUR to USD
68.4 EUR to USD

Advice: Among the countries that I recommend you watch this: RU, United States, CA, UK, pl

PS: Maybe this script could be useful the next few times to do first.
Maybe you could edit it you re-fabricate to get other prices besides those that already provides:

Second part: Buy with the Chosen price!

This is the hardest part.
We will have to believe the Steam server that we are just connecting from that country we have previously chosen.
If for example we have chosen the Russian price, then we must give us a true Russian IP before we connect again to the site of Steam!

To do this you have to get a proxy or a VPN.
So the proxy/VPN will have to let you out on the Internet with a new IP and no longer your original.

Test your IP
I tell you already now that to test the results of this operation you will have to use one of the many free services to know your IP that are available on the Internet.
To search for them you just have to go to Google and look for: my IP
I usually use this which tells me immediately the area of provenance:
Without having yet set up a proxy/VPN you will probably get as a result your real IP and how to lease Italy.

How to Find Them?
Very often proxies and VPNs of good quality are paid.
Free ones work often poorly and/or last a little (in the sense that when you discover them maybe have already been closed days before…)
Of course, however, it is never that you who save on one side you go to spend in another.
It will take time to be able to find adequate, but if you are lucky you can also always use the same for the next few times.
I recommend you use these search keys on Google (obviously following a good logic): Proxy, VPN, free, trial, country-Name (example United kindom), proxy list etc…

I usually use these:
To connect from Russia (RU) I use this VPN/Proxy that provides a bit of free bandwidth as trial:
Http:// (If you’re lucky it could also work for the next 2 cases)
For England (UK) instead I try the proxies that I find here. It often serves a lot to find one adequate and often are really lentiiiiiii…

For the United States (US) instead I use this other VPN:
Another VPN suitable for UK and RU is this now:

(It’s a fee, but the free trial provides enough bandwidth/space for different accesses…)

Once you have found your proper system and got the correct IP for the whole operation there is a very important thing to do first!
1) Close all the Windows/tabs that dot to the Steam site
2) Delete all cookies from Firefox that dot to everything about the Steam site

This operation is to be done because it could create some problems when we go to validate our credit card later.

Third part: Complete the whole!

Once you get to this point you will have your connection under VPN and/or your Firefox browser with a proxy set up.
By connecting to the Steam site you will see prices different from those you are accustomed to (even the currency is different), and all this without having made the game shown in the first part of the guide.
If this doesn’t happen, then you have something wrong and/or probably the IP you got is not appropriate for the operation. Try…

But if everything went well:
1) Go to the page of the game/product you want to buy
2) Click on the button to buy it
3) Log in to your account and/or one created specifically to make a “gift” to your usual account
4) Choose your credit card payment method
(according to some rumors, the whole should work also via the option Paypal, always behind proxy/VPN but I have never personally tried…)

5) Enter as always all your data but not that of your country!
This part is important: if you have simulated a connection from Russia then you will have to enter as your country of origin precisely Russia, the same thing if you have chosen England and so on…
This will be the only given to change other than the original one of your credit card.
It will not be checked for the bank pass unlike any other.

If you enter for example Italy while you are connected with the Russian IP, then Steam will notice the anomaly and will send upstream the operation.

Continuing now until the last pass the spending should go to fruition.
Open the Steam program and you will see your game enabled on your account!

It seems that the system no longer functions for dollar prices (USA), there seems to be a more accurate check for the location where the credit card is active… and therefore may not be accepted.
No problem! 😀
There are other countries where US dollar prices still remain active, such as Russia.
So you just need to look for a country where these prices are still active in US dollars and connect with an IP of that area (and solve the problem of credit card not accepted)
I’ve already tried it and I can assure you it works;)

Update 2:
I found another system to get for example the prices in USD (for those UK you can still use it comfortably ivacy)
This is:
This service provides several proxies divided by lease (not VPN!)
The service also offers a free option, which brings some limitations… but just enough to make quite a few purchases.
Here information about:
Among the connections that will allow you to have the prices in USD are those of Singapore (SG) and those of Hong Kong (HK).
They are quite slow, and at some times of the day they may just not work (or require 1/2 attempts)
Of course everything as before, you will have to indicate as a country of residence Singapore/Hong Kong.
I tried with both this morning and I could not really, this evening instead I tried once with Singapore and everything went smoothly as the oil:)
I also point out this free trial for IP Japan  (these should also provide the prices in USD)
Anyway I haven’t tried it yet…


If following this guide something will go wrong, but really bad… such as: Credit card code screwed, Steam account blocked, house exploded etc… etc… are your cocks!
No one has forced you, and you as all other human beings are endowed with free will and you will suffer and/or enjoy your choices.
All responsibility is only yours!