Happy New Year and get ready for new stats

Happy New Year for everybody and the best wishes for 2009 from everybody at the SteamFriends.com team. After our move to the new website system, change in colors and layout and everything that happened a few months ago I think we can say that 2008 was an interesting year with lots of exciting news, reviews and especially lots of gaming.

As 2009 has started now, we have reset all HLstatsX rank as discussed a month ago on our forums so everybody can get a chance again to climb up to that nr.1 position within their favorite Source game.

Down below I have put up some scores of the top 5 as it was before the reset.

Counter-Strike: Source

1. [VA] Lone Wolf with 71,106 points, average KPD: 2.23
2. dENIED|Magic Dice with 69,996 points, average KPD: 1.64
3. Got3n with 51,299 points, average KPD: 2.44
4. crisp! with 50,961 points, average KPD: 2.31
5. D-Nasty with 43,480 points, average KPD: 1.53

Day of Defeat: Source

1. BURG with 9,906 points, average KPD: 1.16
2. -[SF]- Cobra Tank with 9,538 points, average KPD: 1.71
3. gRaVeDiGgEr with 9,214 points, average KPD: 2.52
4. FeaRlesS with 8,344 points, average KPD: 1.83
5. MAESTRO |PMR| with 7,017 points, average KPD: 0.91

Team Fortress 2

1. |HK|Chunky with 92,144 points, average KPD: 2.96
2. Kurczak with 80,982 points, average KPD: 1.64
3. Kinski with 77,082 points, average KPD: 2.06
4. |HK|Djang0  with 69,400 points, average KPD: 3.16
5. Gizzi with 58,558 points, average KPD: 2.41


494,858 players and 23,691 clans were ranked in 8 games on our 16 servers in 2008!

Let’s see if we can get other people in that TOP 5 now for all the 8 games we support with HLstatsX now. Note to CSS players: Final Battleground stats are NOT reset.

Good luck to everyone and have fun playing!