Huge Age of Chivalry update coming in february

A huge Content release has been planned for one of the most succesfull Source engine based mods on Steam called Age of Chivalry. The content update will include 5 new maps, an advanced hit detection system, stats and achievements, some gameplay changes and an epic sound overhaul.

All citizens of our noble land of Agatha, tell your neighbours, friends and allies to make ready for war. The Mason Order pushes harder and harder against our defenses as our prince desperately continues his quest to be crowned as king. Many powerful nobles are still sitting off to the side, waiting to join the battle until they are assured of victory, this is our chance to make a statement, while the Mason Order’s assault is at its strongest, we must prevail for the sake of our prince, our king and our land!

Age of Chivalry - Screenshot

Age of Chivalry gets a huge update soon

Age of Chivalry CR1 takes you deeper into the storyline than ever before, following the Prince’s quest to be crowned and the Mason Order’s continued assault on the few footholds the Agathian Knights have managed to secure. In this update to the game, timing, reflexes and skill will matter more than ever before, the combat pace is faster, more fluid and outright violent. Hack into the very bone of your enemies and batter their armour until they yield, this is the Age of Chivalry and your glory awaits…

Brief Feature List:

– Up to 5 Brand NEW MAPS including aoc_westerlyn, aoc_firecrag, aoc_invasion and aoc_monastery
– Brand new advanced hit detection system that is accurate and reliable
– Gameplay changes that improved fluidity of actions and force players to react faster and more intelligently
– Sprinting system adjustments to encourage players to stand toe to toe and exchange blows and parries at a high tempo
– Stats and Achievements that allow you to track your progress on the battlefield
– An epic sound overhaul that allows for thousands of impact varieties that truly allows you to feel the weight of your weapon
– Blunt Force Head Explosions!
– Completely redone GUI and interface that gives the players more information and the classes more personality
– New QuickTip entity ensures you always know where to go and what to do for objectives
– All new directional blood spray based off of the movie “300”
– “Sticky Projectiles” (See pictures below)
– A new Siege weapon – The Ballista
– Catapults now shred your enemy into nothing more than a few stumps and chunks in a spray of blood
– Finally added 3rd person longbow animations
– New loading screens with a medieval flavour that display game hints
– New impact effects to improve feedback to player

As always we will keep you updated with more news as soon as we get it…