Stargate: The Last Stand 1.1 released

The InterWave Studios team has been working hard on a first patch that should fix about all problems reported from players trying their Stargate: The Last Stand modification for the Source engine. Version 1.1 is available as patch and as full download on their website and if you are interested, the full changelog is below 🙂

Beta 1.1 – 03/Feb/09


* Fixed objective list showing duplicated items
* Fixed valves new quick list feature on the server browser
* Fixed Developer/Donator icons showing for everyone
* Fixed voice chat indicator showing a blue box for some players
* Fixed chat box closing after you respawn
* Fixed end of round ‘win panel’ showing wrong team on some occasions
* Fixed end of round panel showing players that have disconnected
* Fixed some spelling mistakes
* Fixed AWP showing skull icon instead of awp icon in death list
* Added an option on the options panel to disable the pretty flashlights
* Fixed direct precache errors showing in the console
* Fixed some problems where capture progress panel would close unexpectedly
* Fixed capture progress panel sometimes staying open after respawn
* Heavy armour no longer shows for scouts (as it was too heavy)
* Fixed truncated team name (goa’uld) in team text chat

General Gameplay
* Fixed players being invulnerable while zat stunned

* Fixed player names and player flashlights floating when player has left your view area
* Fixed players being able to change class and get the speed bonuses of the last class
* Fixed capture point exploit
* Fixed being able to pickup some weapons that would push you over your weight limit
* Fixed players spawning on disabled spawnpoints which would ruin the flow of the round
* Removed old special ability code and bind that was removed before initial release
* Fixed spectators taking damage and being able to be killed
* Fixed rare case where players could not spawn into the game
* Fixed flashlights staying after using the rings
* Dead players no longer trigger ‘under attack’ message
* Fixed defending team not being rewarded if the time runs out
* Spawn protection is removed when you take your first shot
* Fixed various small bugs with equip

* Made the Goa’uld objective notification sounds louder
* Added sounds to notify defending team when objectives are being attacked
* Added more distance sounds for weapons

* Fixed P90 sometimes looking like it double fires
* Fixed Suicide bomb exploit
* Fixed staff world model blocking other staff shots
* Lessened the amount of energy used by each staff shot slightly
* Fixed G36 zoom bug after reloading
* Fixed suicide bomb showing 3 ammo
* Fixed inaccurate weapon description for P90
* Can now throw multiple C4 explosives before detonating
* Can now switch away from c4 after throwing all C4, and then back to the detonator later
* Fixed some C4 viewmodel animations
* Melee weapons now show ‘slash’ decal on the hit surface
* Fixed knife not making swing sound unless you are going to hit something
* Melee weapons now interact with physics objects
* Fixed AWP being much lighter than it should be
* Zat now stuns on first shot
* Zat rate of fire has been increased slightly
* Rate of fire increased on hand device
* Fixed delay when throwing a tac while being a kull warrior
* Hand grenades do slightly more damage
* Tac falloff (damage transferred to another player) damage has been reduced
* AWP does more damage, and has more recoil
* Hand grenades now explode faster
* Beretta M9 does less damage, improved recoil
* Added Kull Disruptor weapon attachment for the P90 that the Tauri scout can carry
– Degrades armor of the Kull (shows as P90D)
* Only Goa’uld classes and Tauri scout can carry a Zat
* Projectiles now get offset by view angles (recoil)

* Fixed problems where any server with less than 32 slots would cut parts of maps off
* Fixed problems with entities that were cleaned up after a new round not being setup properly
* Fixed multiple players spawning on the same spawn point
* Erebus camp now requires 2 players to capture
* Fixed some problems with colour correction in erebus

* Fixed uninstaller not removing any directories
* Fixed minor memory leak in client and server
* Added Linux server binary
* Various rare crashes fixed
* General optimizations

Beta 1.0 – 18/Jan/09
* Initial Release