SourceMod 1.2.0 released

For all server admins out there, SourceMod, the nr.1 administration and plugin tool for the Source engine has just got a brand new version 1.2 with new official support for Left 4 Dead and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. SourceMod 1.2 also includes a rewrite of the gamedata updating system.

It has been moved from Core into an extension, and uses an HTTP connection instead of a hand-crafted protocol. This was done to make maintenance easier and to simplify protocol changes.

The gamedata fetcher no longer skips default files which have custom changes. These will be overwritten if updates are pending. You have been warned. See the Gamedata Changes section on this page for more information on how to add custom changes.

SourceMod 1.2 comes with the following languages translated, thanks to community translators:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish


  • Added Left 4 Dead support (bug 3414).
  • Added Dark Messiah game support (requires Metamod:Source 1.7.1 or higher).
  • Added sm_name command (bug 2150).
  • Added extension-level dynamic hooking to bintools (bug 2616).
  • Added client validation API to replace passing userids asynchronously.
  • Added cURL extension, available to other extensions (bug 3560).
  • Added parsing of custom gamedata files (bug 3644).
  • Added case insensitivity search to ReplaceString (bug 3639, Fyren).
  • Added more detail to certain player-oriented menu titles (bug 2740, Fyren).
  • Added sv_tags API (bug 3688).
  • Greatly improved admin-sql-prefetch performance for large tables (bug 3354, FLOOR_MASTER).
  • Exposed IServer address to extensions (bug 3545).
  • New gamedata organization; files are now smaller and per-game (bug 3546).
  • Split sound functions into a new plugin, sounds.smx.
  • Fixed slap and slay on Insurgency (bug 2560).
  • Fixed blank admins being created from invalid admin file lines (bug 3431).
  • Fixed basetriggers not working on Insurgency (bug 3497).
  • Fixed client preferences missing some clients (bug 3616).
  • Improved database fallback mechanism in clientprefs (bug 3564).
  • Improved timer handling in funcommands (bug 3498).
  • Improved to take filenames (bug 3550, jonasfietz).
  • sm_kick now shows the kick reason when available.
  • Fixed MsgPostHook (ex MsgSentNotify) callbacks not firing on intercept hook (bug 3631).
  • Note: SourceMod now adds “sourcemod” to the sv_tags cvar.