SourceMod CS:S Pack 1.2 released

To make the life of a lot of server administrators easier we have created a SourceMod Server pack that includes everything you might need to setup your own Counter-Strike: Source server if you are finally ready to step away from the Mani Admin Plugin.

The pack is based around MetaMod: Source 1.7.1 and SourceMod 1.2 stable.

The SourceMod CS:S Pack 1.2 includes the following:
– Basic admin functionality: slap, slay, ban, kick etc.
– Basic controls: like votemap, nextmap, ff, voteban, votekick, timeleft
– Funcommands
– Advertisements: to show ingame ads (on chat or left top)
– ATAC: Advanced Team Attack Control manager
– Half Time Teamswap: Switches teams at half time
– HLStatsX 2.8: HLstatsX ingame plugin
– HP Left: Basic damage stats when the player dies
– High Ping Kicker: Kick players if above a certain Ping
– Knifemug: Knife mugging, knife a player and get $$
– Mapchooser: Allow end of mapvotes and rockthevote
– Quake Sounds: Quake sounds
– Server Redirect: Allow !swapme for players to switch to another server
– Reserved slots
– Weapon Restrict: very simple weapon restriction: sm_restrict awp
– Spray tag tracking
– Team Balance: Auto balance teams
– Betting: Allow players to bet when they are dead (bet t all etc)
– Teamspeak/Vent plugin: Allow players to join a TS or Vent server by typing !ts or !vent
– Teamswitch manager: Allow the admin to switch players
– Unconnected kicking: Kick players that are ‘unconnected’ mostly hackers
– Weapon Logging: Add extra logging for stats systems like HLStatsX and Psychostats

Ofcourse the readme I created explains (hopefully) most of the details on how to copy the files, edit the configurations and get your server ready to rock and roll. This should work for both Linux and Windows servers, but the combination of plugins and everything is mainly targetted to CS:S servers.

On request we can also create a TF2, DODS or other Source games pack.