Age of Chivalry Update Released new patch has been released for the HL2 mod, Age of Chivalry, which includes optimization of performance, a whole bunch of bugfixes, and multiple balance tweaks. Down below an overview of what has changed:

Age of Chivalry Update

  • Heavy optimization of all departments, improved FPS and reduced network load
  • Aoc_options menu now has field for players to set their rate, recommend 25,000-35,000
  • Redesigned the shield and parry blocking detection
  • When stamina hits 0% players now become exhausted and incur a 1 second stamina recharge pause penalty (helps curb shield turtling, spamming)
  • Hundreds of bugfixes
  • Adjusted brightness of many maps
  • Visually reworked aoc_stonehill and aoc_galadan
  • Many balance adjustments

Age of Chivalry is a doing something new, its not new models for guns, its not painting the same old house a new colour, Age of Chivalry delivers groundbreaking melee combat that the professional studios in similar genres look to for inspiration. Age of Chivalry is finally first person melee combat done right. The melee combat has a depth to it that has never before been reached by a melee game and there is not just one strategy that is best, but there is hundreds of different playstyles across the 9 different classes that ensure each encounter you have with an enemy is unique and thrilling.

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