Free VIP membership for plink donators

As christmas is coming soon and the new battles on Finalbattleground are about to start we have decided to give away SteamFriends VIP Memberships on ALL our servers untill summer 2010! to players that donate 100.000 or more Finalbattleground Plinks to our Community.

What you need to do

In order to get the free VIP membership for 3 months you need to donate 100.000 Plinks to our SteamFriends clan on Finalbattleground. Plinks are the currency used in Finalbattleground, which you get for kills and objectives in CSS.

1. Sign up for free on Finalbattleground if you didnt already.
2. Join the SteamFriends group on FBG.
3. Donate over 100.000 plinks to the SteamFriends and get a free VIP membership for 3 months!

As soon as your VIP membership gets activated you will get:
– Reserved slot on all servers (connect even when the server is full)
– Immunity to Ping Kicker (no more kicking)
– Immunity to Server Autobalancer ( very handy)
– Immunity to AFK Kicker (no more kicking when AFK)
– Access to Achievement Unlock Parties (TF2)
– Access to TF2 Hats through !equipment
– A lot more….

So what are you waiting for? Start plinking now!