HLstatsX Premium Update to 3.2

The Premium version of HLstatsX has been updated once again and this time the plugin called GameME is also getting a new version, which brings it to 3.2. The most important changes are the addition of dynamic kill-streak management and new broadcast options for in-game reporting of specific events and functions. The new version also adds native headshot tracking for Insurgency.

The specific changes include:

Changelog HLstatsX Premium

  • Added dynamic kill-streak management
  • Added new option “Broadcast Player Options” to control which events are broadcasted in the game. The following options are available:
    • Display All
    • All except actions
    • Actions and Announcements only (recommended for Left 4 Dead 1/2)
    • Announcements only
  • Added new actions for Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Insurgency
  • Added native headshot tracking for Insurgency
  • More reliable player tracking for Left 4 Dead 1/2
  • Improved backend performance
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Changelog gameME Plugin 3.2 for SourceMod

  • Left 4 Dead: Added player/teams actions
  • Left 4 Dead: Added team colored ingame messages
  • Left 4 Dead II: Added weapon accuracy logging
  • Left 4 Dead II: Added melee weapon logging
  • Left 4 Dead II: Added team colored ingame messages
  • Insurgency: Adding Team objective logging
  • Insurgency: Updated accuracy logging
  • Team Fortress 2: Added player actions
  • Added support for SourceMod v1.3
  • Minor enhancements
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs