Mani Admin Plugin V.1.2 T released

A bit late but hey… I totally forgot to post about the fact that the last stable release for the Mani Admin Plugin for Source based servers has now reached version 1.2T. Version 1.2 will only receive bug fixes in the future. As development of 2.0 begins, the team will be considering all remaining suggested features for inclusion into the next major release. Mani Admin Plugin V.2.0 will be a major rewrite.


  • Re-enabled reserved slots support
  • Fixed problems with Mani MySQL Support for MySQL V.5.1
  • Fixed statsme & top<10 crashing the server on TF2, DoD:S
  • Added Windows 7 support for the CreateVdf.exe
  • Removed gimpphrases.txt, as gimp is no longer present
  • Removed defaults.cfg being called at startup
  • Fixed the weapon “Dead Ringer” in TF2 to count a -1 points in the mani_ranks system
  • Fixed a weapons restriction exploit, using more than 30 characters in a weapons name to bypass the restriction
  • Fixed a bug causing Mani to crash on listen servers if using the Weapon Restriction Management System
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the End Of Map Vote still to appear even if mani_voting is set to 0
  • Excluded admin started votes from being affected by mani_voting 0, votings started by administrators are always possible now
  • Fixed Warmup Timer crashing the game on round restart on TF2 / DoD:S
  • Fixed mani_weapon_restrict_prevent_pickup being inverted, now 1 prevents players from picking up weapons instead of 0
  • Fixed Mani Admin Plugin displaying “Map will change at end of round” after a user vote map has been started, now displays the correct info: “Map will change after 5 seconds”
  • Fixed mani_exec_default_file1-5 in mani_server.cfg not executing the .cfg file on plugin start
  • Removed Skins Managment from mani_server.cfg to a separate .cfg file in the skin folders
  • Fixed ma_akick_steam not working properly
  • Fixed ma_aban_pname not kicking & banning players that change their name to a forbidden one after connecting
  • Provided working Cexec Examples within the download
  • Fixed mani_dead_alltalk not working properly
  • Removed stacking command from mani_server.cfg, since it’s no more possible

New features:

  • Added a #self token, so commands like ma_setcash #self 16000 etc. are possible
  • Added new auto installation method via autocreation of the .vdf for Mani after using plugin_load or meta load using

    meta load addons/mani_admin_plugin/bin/mani_admin_plugin_mm


    plugin_load ../<<game>>/addons/mani_admin_plugin

  • Added ma_ban with reason function, new syntax: ma_ban <target> <optional time in minutes to ban 0 = permanent> <optional reason>
  • Added possibility to unban via the ingame Menu
  • Added ma_mute with reason and time based mutings function, new syntax: ma_mute  <target> <optional lenght of mute 0 = permanent> <optional reason>
  • Enhanced ma_mute to also mute voice as well as chat commands
  • Added a Cvar allowing to specify how long an admin with the “b” flag can mute at maximum time (pban manages never to expire after muting)
  • Added support for IP based muting
  • Added ma_mute to support name / name patterns instead of only SteamID / IP
  • Added Command Spam Prevention against players on the server trying to lag it via timeleft, nextmap etc. commands
  • Added an option to let the server owner decide whether the Mani Admin Plugin should use play or playsound for the sound managment (allowing to toggle between soundmix / only one sound at a time being played)
  • Added an option to let admins with the “admin” flag join password protected servers without being asked for the password as long as the server isn’t set to ma_war 1
  • Added default mapadverts.txt decal position for Hl2:DM, DoD:S and TF:2