Bad Company until the Dawn – Pricedraw

Gamers of the world,

The Nuclear Dawn launch date is still a way away, and you need something to sink your teeth into, until that cataclysmic time. What better way to spend your spring and summer days than to keep Bad Company?

Here at Steamfriends, we’re sitting on three access keys for Bad Company 2 Limited edition on Steam, and we’d like to share them with your Facebook friends. The keys give early beta access to the game so you can start playing before the official release, and hone your skills before the masses join in.

In order to qualify for the extraction, you need to be a member of our Facebook group, with at least one posted message, by January 26, at 23:59 CET. The dawn of the new month will see the extraction of the three copies to three lucky winners. Enjoy the debauchery of Bad Company 2, until the Nuclear Dawn sweeps the planet clean of your misdeeds.

See you in beta!