New server live for CSS and DODS

To support our community and for the future to come we have setup brand new servers for Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source for you all to enjoy playing on. Ofcourse the rank, finalbattleground and all other things have been moved aswell so everything, except the server ip’s will stay the same as before.

Please update your favorites now:

These are the new ip’s and are now live! We will leave the old servers running with ads spamming the new ip’s every 5 secs for the lazy people that dont read our site for about 2 weeks. After that the old servers will be taken offline!

Next week we will start to setup new servers for TF2 aswell!

Thank you all for your great support in our community!

Big Thanks to our network partner Unilogic Networks from Sittard, the Netherlands for the great help!