GraviNULL HL2 mod alpha release Friday!

GraviNULL is a no-gravity mod, with a modified gravity gun that allows you to “grapple, absorb, and launch” the balls of steel seen in the trailer video below, and with a simple control scheme that allows you to do it all with one hand. What you do with your other hand is up to you!

You getting psyched yet? Here’s a list of what you can expect to find in GraviNULL:

  • 5 great maps build with GraviNULL gameplay in mind.
  • Deathmatch based on score, 1 point for every 10 damage done in a single hit, and only 3 meager bonus points for a kill. Helping to stop kill stealers from coming out on top.
  • 3 all new gravity gun funtions: Grapple, Absorb and Launch mode toggle.
  • No gravity!
  • Boatloads of fun in an unique and fresh new mod.
  • And above all it has… balls of steel!

The Trailer below has been created by Wills a great developer from both Jailbreak:Source and GraviNULL!