Steam and the Settlers 7 Updates

A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam friends and then select “Check for Steam Client Updates…”. The specific changes include:

Steam Client

  • Fixed an issue on Windows 2000 requiring the SP4 update rollup 1 package to be installed for Steam to run
  • Fixed in-game overlay generating spurious D3D11 debug runtime warnings about CS Set Unordered Access Views when running on downlevel hardware
  • Fix regression causing a crash on exit in the in-game overlay
  • Small startup performance optimization to not initialize settings dialog data until needed
  • Fix the you have been logged in elsewhere dialog to not leave Steam in a broken state on Cancel
  • Support for a forthcoming news URL format change
  • Fixed Retail not prompting for a CD key when creating a new account
  • Fixed VGUI crashing when the number of panels was very large (ie, for users with huge friends/clan membership lists)
  • Decreased number of VGUI panels active at once for friends list
  • Decreased the time it takes Steam to launch some games
  • Fixed memory leak when resizing in-game overlay web browser
  • Fixed potential failure or client hang when failing talking to content server directory servers
  • Fixed overlapping text for pending group invites in the friends list invites section
  • Fixed error message “You don’t currently have any games ready to backup..” when restoring a previous game backup
  • Fixed Cloud changing last modified times on clouded files.
  • Fixed the Cloud sync transfer rate display in list view
  • Steamworks – Fixed case where building an installer could randomly fail due to an error in the Microsoft crypto library

Updates to The Settlers 7 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Version 1.05


  • Event sectors for which players have gained free passage (by finishing quests) are now indicated on the overview map by a free passage icon
  • Added a warning icon to construction buildings whose constructor cannot spawn due to a missing tool
  • Added a warning icon to special buildings where trainings stalls due to the population or army limit
  • The handling of the logistics menu has been improved. A left click on a task will now open a context menu which allows the player to move the task to the front of the panel, pause it or cancel it altogether
  • Added information about the player’s position as well as improved navigation options to the leader board screen
  • Added the option to change the game’s default port if a router does not separate two connections correctly:Add these lines to your “Options.ini” file (C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Settlers7\Options.ini)[Network]
    DefaultPort = 9205

    The default value is 9103 – anything else should do

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a concurrency issue during account authentication (first login)
  • Fixed various random crashes
    • Fixed a rare crash when activating the earthquake
    • Fixed a bug that prevented achievements from being unlocked
    • Fixed a possible exploit with retreating armies delaying the conquest of a sector
    • Fixed a bug with the calculation of coins rewarded for completing a map
    • Fixed a bug with player profile points being reset
    • Blazing Heat: Adjusted amount of units in a neutral sector

New Content

Enjoy the sixth and eighth campaign map optimized for skirmish and multiplayer:

  • Wolffelden
  • Sandbeken