HLstatsX Premium Update

A special gift by the HLstatsX Premium Team was put under the Christmas tree this year. The statistic webpages of HLstatsX Premium accounts were replaced by a complete new web framework. Main goal was to increase the possibility of customization of the data representation. This new, stable, and robust framework has quite a few benefits which will be outlined briefly.

From now on it is possible for every customer to use an individual domain for the statistic webpages. This means, a customer is not restricted to use a *.hlstatsx.com domain anymore. Only an own domain where a CNAME record can be set is required. Of course, it is still possible to use a *.hlstatsx.com domain.

Regarding the design customization two modes are offered. The first and more simple allows easy selecting and editing of preset styles through a basic form. From time to time new styles will be added here. The second mode allows a more advanced way of customizing webpages by freely editing stylesheets or templates. Both were activated in the control panel already.

Furthermore, a comprehensive language support was added to the webpages. This support includes the ingame webpages which will be displayed in the appropriate language as long as it is available. At the moment English and German are supported, but more will be added soon. However, anyone is welcome to contact our support who would like to contribute to support his own language on HLstatsX Premium.