Steamfriends is the latest iteration in the evolution of the Techconnect gaming philosophy, which started in 2004 with Gameconnect, to provide gamers with the latest and best in the field of digital interactive entertainment.

The SteamFriends concept
A central hub for new and old Steam releases, patches, news, grassroots mod development and dedicated gaming clans, a front page with the latest reviews and views on the world of Steam gaming, and the most open and friendly community this side of an AA meeting, Steamfriends is everything that Techconnect brings the world of technology, but then again for gaming. Steam gaming, to the max.

Our Team
We wouldn’t be anywhere without our dedicated admins and developers working on the projects every single day. Down below you can find a list of all our administrators and developers aswell as the management team:

Management Team

Development Team

Michiel ‘Viper’ Beenen
Managing Director
Techconnect’s and Gameconnect’s Managing director of Techconnect BV, he still takes an active interest in the magazine in general and its gaming communities in particular just dont ask him about The Sauce engine.

Job: SteamFriends, Steambans, SourceMod, Insurgency and general business development

James ‘sslice’ Gray
Our beloved Source developer, sslice, is known in the gaming world for his great programming skills. He helps out wherever needed and we love him for it. 🙂

Job: SteamFriends, Detox Anti-Cheat

Alan ‘Adek’ de Klein
Financial Director
Techconnect’s and Gameconnect’s Financial director of Techconnect BV, Alan has been known to score a mean headshot on CSS, so beware his sights on our servers.

Job: Handling all the finance administration

Lane ‘FlyingMongoose’ Babuder
Plugin developer
FlyingMongoose has been with us for some time now and helps adminning our gameservers and developing new admin plugins for everybody. We are glad to have him onboard.

Job: SteamFriends, Plugin development for SourceMod

Rick ‘SolidSnake ‘Schoonderwoerd
Senior Admin
Rick has been with us since the beginning and is an avid gamer and loves to ‘own’ most of the people in Counter-Strike: Source.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Olly Ginger
Plugin developer
Creator of the psychostats reader plugin and now part of the SF development team. Olly is known for his great source development skills and loves to work on new development projects in the plugin scene aswell as Sourcebans.

Job: SteamFriends, Plugin development and Sourcebans

Robbert ‘Faith’ van der Lee
Steamfriends manager
Faith is our Steamfriends manager and server admin and is an expert in hardware, he loves to play a bit of Counter-Strike: Source while making sure all clan members keep satisfied. On Teamspeak people call him ‘sletjeeeee’.

Job: Managing Steamfriends, taking care of gameservers and other projects.

Brian ‘devicenull’ Rak
Devicenull is known in the AMXModX and Sourcemod scene and has developed a lot of server plugins over the past couple of years. He is also the main developer of the Steambans project and he loves to help out wherever needed.

Job: SteamFriends, Plugin development and Steambans

Matthias ‘Killahinstinct’ Lanting
Steamfriends manager
Killahinstinct is known for his great community skills aswell as his contacts with Valve and is a great addition to the Steamfriends community in every single way.

Job: Managing Steamfriends, taking care of gameservers and other projects.

Shane ‘Bugs’ Froebel
Bugs is working on a lot of SourceMod plugins and is very active in helping out wherever he can in our community while being an active member on IRC aswell.

Job: SteamFriends, Plugin development for SourceMod

Senior and Junior Server Admins

Senior and Junior Server Admins

Michael ‘Rave’ Rose
Server Admin/Reviewer/Syndicate leader
Being part of our clan for many months, Rave is known for his amazing positive look at life and is a good friend to the community. He is also the leader of the Syndicate clan and helps us wherever he can.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin, Syn leader

Daniel ‘Billeh’ Purnell
SourceForts Noob
Billeh is the leader of the DigiS clan, part of SteamFriends known and is known for his skilled gameplay in SourceForts and other Source based games. He helps out with adminning the servers and is a great guy to have a chat with.

Job: SteamFriends, DigiS, Server Admin

Seth ‘Poxer’ Davis
Senior Server Admin
As a friend of Flyingmongoose he joined our team in 2006 to help make our US community grow and adminning on our US servers. Poxer is known for his Day of Defeat love but at the same time playing all games that he can get.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin, GFX, Flash

Karl ‘Karl0r’ Shrubb
Systems Platform Engineer
One of our system engineers that knows about anything related to linux, php or any type of servers. Karl0r helps us out with the configuration of servers and is always a helpfull hand to our community and company.

Job: Server Admin, Programmer

Rick ‘**Rick**’ Schmitz
Senior Server Admin
Started in 2005 with his own clan and as cousin of Viper joined the SteamFriends community back in 2006 to help out adminning our gaming servers and test the newest cheats so we know what we are looking for when checking out possible cheaters in our servers.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Shani ‘Little Nubito’ Laurens
Junior Server Admin
Little Nubito joined SteamFriends in 2006 and is one of our youngest admins helping out mostly on the Source game servers. Known for his Counter-Strike skills he is always there for fun and a talk on Teamspeak.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Chris ‘Pater’ Schayk
Server Admin, mapper, graphics
Pater has been in our community since 2005, mainly helping out with adminning our servers and is one of the best graphics artists we have. Pater is known for his graphics skills and whoever needs an avatar or spray should contact him.

Job: SteamFriends, Mapper, Server Admin, Graphics

Samuel ‘Ice’ Tesseur
Server/Anti-cheat Admin
Ice joined our team in 2007 to help out as admin on our servers (mostly CS:S) and especially to catch cheaters and throw them directly on the Steambans list after reviewing. One of the younger admins, but definitely a great addition to our team!

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Dave ‘DaveB’
Senior Server Admin
Coming from the UK with lots of experience in the programming area and playing lots of Source games whenever he has time, we are very happy to have Dave onboard since 2006 to helpout on our public servers whenever needed.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Anthony ‘Pimpinjuice’ Iacono
SourceMod developer
One of the coolest Sourcemod developers, no offense guys. He created Warcraft 3 Source and a couple of other cool sourcemod plugins and extensions handy for the community servers.

Job: Sourcemod Developer

Ro�l ‘Italiano’ Konings
Junior Server Admin
Italiano joined our team in 2008 to stengthen the admin team and help out wherever he can. With a dedication to gaming in general he is another valuable member to our team.

Job: SteamFriends, Server Admin

Michael ‘damier’ James
Network Systems Engineer
A very known name in the IRC and server industry, damier is known for his great TCL, linux and IRC scripting skills and helps out wherever he can to get the best of the best connected to IRC, including our own SteamServ bot.

Job: SteamFriends, Developer, Programmer


Chris ‘Bam’ Howard
SteamFriends Singer
Since Bam joined our team things have been going insane, specially on Teamspeak. If you are in for fun or just wanna have a chat, Bam is your guy and he is also great in kareoke.

Job: SteamFriends lunatic