Final Fantasy Xiv: Square Enix Drop a Trailer of Madness for the Shadowbringers Extension!

Square Enix comes to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV Festival fan to reveal a superb cinematic trailer that announces the arrival of the Shadowbringers extension which should happen the year next on the servers. Planned to be released during summer 2019, this new content will introduce a new scenario in which six nations came together to bring down the empire of Garleans. On the side of the news, could learn that many new jobs will make their arrival, while their level limit will increase from 70 to 80.
Finally, combat system maintenance will be performed, while new areas will be accessible. The icing on the cake, Square even announced the arrival of a mode “New Game +” which will allow returning the old activities with a high-level character, which is completely new for an MMORPG. The only bad news concerns players are having a 32-bit Windows PC because the deployment of Shadowbringers is going to require a 64-bit OS. On the other hand, for those who cannot afford to play this game, they always have the possibility of playing any online casino game, that doesn’t require download. Find the top UK online casinos on and discover their amazing offers, bonuses and rewards, available for all players.