Arma: Combat Operations Coming to Steam? *UPDATE*

Mattlab, a member of the Atari staff has posted on the official Armed Assault Combat Operations(ArmA:CO) forum asking whether people would be interested in purchasing the game via Steam.

The Armed Assault series is both a first and third person tactical shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive, a company well known for their development of the game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

ArmA is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation. The game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread over large areas alongside the more closed quarters battle. The player will find himself thrust in the midst of an engaging and expanding storyline, fighting against smart, aggressive enemies who will continually provide a challenge over a massive landscape.

So if you would like to see this game appear on Steam, be sure to join up the Atari forum and make your voice be heard.

UPDATE: It seems that the thread on the Atari forum was removed, a short time before its removal Mattlab posted the following in the thread…

“It also might not be the only Atari game making its way to Steam soon.”

We are not sure whether or not ARMA will make its way to steam, or any other Atari games for that matter due to the topic disappearing on the Atari forums. We will however contuinue to report on this story.