Orange Box Gift Subscriptions


Orange Box gifts are allocated to users who own either ‘Half-Life 2’ and ‘Half-Life 2: Episode One’ and then go on to purchase The Orange Box, which includes these two games. An Orange Box gift allows users to give either or both ‘Half-Life 2’ and ‘Half-Life 2: Episode One’ to a friend who does not already own the game. An Orange Box gift is an easy way to let your friends enjoy ‘Half-Life 2’ and ‘Half-Life 2: Episode One’ for free.

How do I get Orange Box gifts to give away?
If you own either or both “Half-Life 2” and “Half-Life 2: Episode One” and then install The Orange Box using the Steam account that contains those games, you will automatically receive Orange Box gifts you can give to friends. You can receive Orange Box gifts by purchasing The Orange Box on Steam or at any retailer.

When will I be able to give Orange Box gifts? Orange Box gifts will be available to give when the Orange Box officially launches. If you pre-purchase the Orange Box and are eligible for the Orange Box gift, you will still have the gift, you will just have to wait until the release date of Orange Box to give the games to a friend.

How do I know when I have Orange Box gifts available to give away?
You will receive a message through Steam when your Orange Box gifts become available to give away. You will also see gift links beside your previously purchased games in your “My games” list. You can also find your gifts under the “Games” menu listed as “Manage gifts and guest passes”.

Will my Orange Box gifts expire if I don’t give them out quickly enough?
No, you can give your Orange Box gifts at any time, as long as your Steam account remains active.

How many gifts will I get when I purchase The Orange Box?
You will receive one gift for each previously released Orange Box game in your Steam account. For example, if you already own both “Half-Life 2” and “Half-Life 2: Episode One”, you will receive two gifts you can give to friends: one gift of each game.

I already own both “Half-Life 2” and “Half-Life 2: Episode One”. Can I give my Orange Box gifts to two different friends?
Yes, you can give your two gifts to either the same friend or two different friends.