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SourceBans Documentation


  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Ban System
    • 1.2 Admin Management System
  • 2 Main Features
  • 3 History
  • 4 Download
  • 5 Installation
  • 6 Usage
  • 7 Future Plans
  • 8 Bug reports Ideas Requests
  • 9 Development Team
    • 9.1 SourceBans Plugin
    • 9.2 Web Interface
  • 10 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Ban System

When running SourceBans web interface and SourceMod plugin together, you will be able to instantly ban people from all of the servers you have added into the system. Once you either ban a player from the server, or though the web interface, the specified player will instantly be banned accross all of your communities` servers. You will no longer need to add the STEAM_ID’s of users to all of your servers` config files, and keep the configs synced and updated after each ban.

With SourceBans, its as simple as `sm_ban` in the server console, and that player will be instantly banned from all of your servers.

Admin Management System

As-well as having a kick a** ban system for all of your servers, SourceBans allows you to manage all of your SourceMod admins through a simple and easy to understand web panel. For example, you can create a new admin group which will only be able to kick and ban. After this, you can add a new admin, type the required information and add that admin to that new group, and that admin will automatically inherit all of the privalages from that group. And starting next map, the admin will have the specified level of admin in the server, or group of servers that you have set.

Admins can be set on individual servers, or if you want, you can create a group of servers. And when adding an admin, you will have the option to give that admin the privaleges on that group of servers. So adding admins is easy and fast.

Main Features

   * Admin system for Sourcemod through the web   * Admin rights system, set permissions per admin per server   * Global banning system for your own servers, Web-Based banning   * Ban by STEAMID   * Kickban players directly on your servers directly from the web   * Search ban database   * Supports ALL Source modifications   * Supports an unlimited amount of servers   * Integration with Steambans for checking Steam ID's


SourceBans started of as an idea about half a year ago when SourceMod started to get more into a useable stage, but the idea of such a tool has been in the back of the developers team minds for so much longer. Originally it was the plan to make a more user friendly version of AMXBans web panel for the Source Engine, but over the past months it has grown out to be so much more.

  • New SourceBans Website! – July 25, 2007
  • SourceBans BETA 0.9 Demo! – August 15, 2007
  • Release! – September 18, 2007
    • Fixes (1.0.0 RC1a) – September 18, 2007
    • Fixes (1.0.0 RC1b) – September 19, 2007
    • Fixes (1.0.0 RC1c) – September 20, 2007


  • Webpanel installation
  • Plugin installation


  • Usage of webpanel
  • Usage of ingame features

Future Plans

The next list is an unordered list of features that are expected to be implemented or changed over time, but are currently not available build in yet.

  • Plugin log api – To log what functionality the admin uses
  • Optimization – Optimize the general code to make it faster
  • Enhancements to the admin panel – Enhancements like current admins online and status on newly added submissions or protests
  • Adding demo to submissions optional – Administrator of the web panel will able to set if the public can upload demos at all
  • Submitted Bans Comments – Only administrators with access to the submitted bans are allowed to view/post these comments. This would allow web interface “discussion” about a submitted ban.
  • AJAX upload functionality – Better looking upload form
  • Live Bans – Adding Live Bans from the web panel which will immediately remove the player from the server.
  • Backup Import Export – Possibility to backup ban-, server-, and admins-list.
  • Admin password optional – When adding and admin to make adding a password for the admin to be optional.
  • Many other small tweaks….

This list is just to show that there are certain things are on our minds regarding future versions of SourceBans, but when they will be implemented or even see daylight is all to the developers of SourceBans to decide.

Bug reports Ideas Requests

Do you have special requests, ideas or bugs to report we kindly request you to place them in our forums.

Development Team

SourceBans Plugin

teame06 was responsible for most of the SourceBans plugin. Responsible for managing the server bans on the server side of things.

FlyingMongoose did the general organisation of the SourceBans, and wrote some of the plugin.

dalto added some nice features to the plugin like a backup database, if your database goes down, He also did some bugfixing of the plugin

Web Interface

Olly wrote most of the back-end and front-end to the web interface, and also designed the main ‘theme’ concept.

devicenull wrote some of the backend and the server query class. And shouted at Olly when he did some things wrong.

Faith was responsible for the main HTML and CSS coding for the web interface, and the general page layouts.

Steamfriends public relations

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why don’t have I have to set up my database information?
    • By using SourceBans we assume you are either already using SQL for your SourceMod administration management, or wish to start using it, so, due to this, we have built SourceBans to work off of the existing configured SourceMod SQL database, this also minimalizes the installation, and keeps your database information more secure.