Final Fantasy Xiv: Square Enix Drop a Trailer of Madness for the Shadowbringers Extension!

Square Enix comes to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV Festival fan to reveal a superb cinematic trailer that announces the arrival of the Shadowbringers extension which should happen the year next on the servers. In the meantime, you can visit the site and try out some of the most impressive Final Fantasy themed slots games. Or try some other casino games, such as poker; nevertheless, they are available free to play[…]

Prices Steam Euros

Buy on Steamfriends site with prices from other countries. This means that by connecting to the site/service from Italy you will probably have a diversion price (depending on the product) maybe from what they will see the users who connect from England. Unfortunately, Steam still doesn’t support casino games that you can play with your friends, at least in a competitive manner with real money involved. We still need to depend on the site That’s not a bad thing because now they have a myriad of roulette variations that you can try.

TF2: Guard Dogs?

On video game news and reviews forums, a member created a fake new update for Team Fortress 2 yesterday which would include ‘Guard Dogs’. After this post, TF2 fans all over the world went crazy and actually wanted more from these Guard Dogs with rockets on their back, soooo. Valve have made some comments and […]

Team Fortress 2 Update

Steam friends finds out that Valve has released another update tonight for Team Fortress 2 which includes some fixed for several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking and many other issues. Team Fortress fan will be happy to hear that we have an exclusive deal from one of our partner sites […]

Warframe Tier List

We are gamers just like you and we have been searching the internet to find the best and the most desirable characters present in all kinds of games you can find these days. We discovered several things. First of all, the Warframe has been one of the best games of all times and it has […]