About Us

Steam Friends started back in 2004, as the Gaming arm of TechConnect Magazine and grew out to be one of the biggest clans/communities in Europe while establishing a strong base in the United States aswell. Our magazine was all about the latest gaming news, while our gameservers were there for everyone to play together and make “Friends” online.

After a couple of years, sponsoring all kinds of Steam projects like Sourcemod, Steambans and Sharedstats we found that we grew so strong and instead of just being a clan we had to continue like a community and support people/projects and ideas.

The new Steam Friends was born and Faith, Solidsnake, Rick, sslice, Dave, Flyinmongoose, poxer and many others joined the team to focus on building a stronger community to support everything related to Steam or the Source engine by Valve aswell as keeping our gameservers up and running with the latest enhancements and cool plugins.

We just had it in our hearts and we all knew we wanted to grow stronger and become a big player in the gaming industry, but as always especially with Half-Life 2 (Source) modifications and games.

A new way

Then 2007 came and a strong relationship with Valve aswell as a lot of other Steam publishers made us think twice about our name and especially the growth of the Steam platform itself made us realise that we still had that steamfriends.com doing nothing. So we decided to do something with it. Our main focus would be to keep sponsoring Source mods and projects but also focus completely on the Steam platform concerning games, reviews, previews and more. SteamFriends.com was born!

As you can see now, our new site has just been launched and we are still working on a lot of things, adding previews, reviews, developers columns and a lot more. We have so many ideas, so many people involved, and so many wonderfull enthousiasm that I can only say one thing to everyone involved with Steam Friends and ofcourse now SteamFriends.com: “Thank you all for the great time we had so far and I am sure together we can make this project kick ass!”

We hope to see everyone on any of our gameservers or on our brand new IRC channel on irc.gameswitch.net #steamfriends for a talk, a chat about Steam, Source or whatever you feel like talking about. Make sure you register, visit our forums and prepare for a big year with lots of great things to happen!