Sourcebans update 1.0.0 RC1c *UPDATE*

We are happy to announce another update to our first Release Candidate of the SourceBans project for SourceMod. Right now we are mainly working on squashing as many bugs as possible and adding some extra functionality.

This update includes only updated WEB files!

Full changelog – 1.0.0 RC1c 19.sept.2007 – 20:40
* Fixed admin to seeming not be added when you dont choose from the dropdown
* Added a ‘no permissions’ selection when adding an admin
* Fixed not needing a DB password in installer
* Fixed an incorrect message in the installer
* Added a message box to show if there are errors adding an admin, so you dont need to scroll all the way up
* Fixed submit ban now allowing zip files (thx Elbandi)
* Fixed adding a demo to existing ban allowing any filetypes
* Fixed ‘No Group’ showing for server admins
* Fixed strange stuff happening when adding a new group
* Fixed immunity not being set right on editing groups and admins
* Fixed server groups not getting added into the db
* Fixed tabs not changing color in the header
* Fixed RCON outputting to one line from linux servers
* Fixed SQL error when adding a log entry with no SQL query
* Fixed send button not enabling again after typing ‘clr’
* Added a link on the list servers page to show the databases.cfg you need to upload to the gameserver.
* Removed ‘Config’ link from server page as plugin hasnt required this cfg for a long time.
* Fixed trying to get a server query for a server that doesnt exist
* Fixed `WriteLogEntries()’ ?>` being show in the footer in some setups
* Fixed flags not showing on the main ban table
* Fixed some country’s flag being blank on linux servers
* Flags now show on admin banlist
* Fixed lots of other flag related bugs
* Fixed banlist layout problems in Opera
* Added a blank flag for if the IP isnt in the database
* Forgot to upload the country database
* Fixed some spelling mistakes (lOL)

As always grab the latest version on

We are aware of the bugs that are still to be found within both the SourceBans Panel as in the SourceBans plugin. We do however NOT tolerate people personal messaging us for any reason what so ever. If you are facing a problem you can either place the question in a topic for the designated forum or try to ask your question in the #sourcebans irc channel.

If we see people PM-ing us for above mentioned reasons can expect to be banned from both irc and our forums.

These measures have to be taken as unfortunately too many people think we have nothing better to do than give everyone personal assitance. Just keep in mind the more you leave us alone the sooner we can work on a new version. So for the last time stop PM-ing us.

General Manager
SourceBans Web Developer