HL2 Orange box contest: Winners announced

The time has come and it was a very difficult decision. We got so many replies to our Orange box contest that we actually had to sit down for a couple of days to discuss each and every single Letter to Santa you all wrote. But, as with all contests a winner had to be choosen….

We are very amazed by all the letters we got in our forum topic and want to thank everybody for their great work on this!

The official Winners to our Orange box contest are below including their letters:

Dear Santa,

I want one thing, need one thing, for this Christmas: the orange box. As dedicated believers, me and my team even play in your colours!

My tale of woe started last Tuesday, when one of our snipers spotted a Valve employee wandering near our fort. We dispatched a scout immediately, who ran out and gave him a good whack over the head. Some soldiers helped him drag the body back to our flag room, where we placed several sentry turrets to guard him. When I was propping him against the wall, I noticed a bulge in his jacket.

Reaching my hand inside cautiously, I felt a box. It was roughly the size of an ammo crate, although much lighter. I decided that it was safe, and brought my prize out into the open. My team-mates stepped back in awe as the man’s jacket peeled away; the box was revealed. It was orange, and it was good.

The prophets had spoken of this time, when our world would be transformed in unimaginable ways. Only one question remained: how could we use this gift? Our attentions returned to the Valve guy, who seemed to be regaining conciousness. I called in a medic, who gave him a check-over. The medic insisted that the man would be okay, but it was clear that he was trying to tell us something. The medic leaned in closer, and listened to what the man would say. This is where things started to turn ugly.

The medic repeated the man’s words: “I need the box, I can show you how to use it”. Without question, I handed it over. How could I have been so stupid? The medic took the box in his grasp, and whirled around to reveal our worst nightmares: a blue spy. We opened fire, but he was just too quick for us. He stabbed one of our guards on the way out, and made good his escape across the bridge. Our snipers fired after him, but they were too out of practice compared to this crafty devil.

By Thursday, we had noticed something strange about the blue base: it was changing, and becoming more and more beautiful. Enemy attackers were also changing: they carried new weapons, and seemed to be growing into totally different characters. We were disgusted, and we knew the answer straight away: the orange box.

We spent several days trying to fight our way into the blue base, but it was hopeless. We have suffered horrendous casualties, and morale is now at an all-time low. Their base is impenetrable; our men seem to have no depth-perception whilst inside, so they keep on running into the walls. The man from Valve has gone, escaped in the night, and now we have nothing. We need to get our hands on another one of those boxes, before the war is lost.

Santa, the red team needs you!

Dear Santa,

Lately, I decided to eat many fruits to bring myself in a healthier state. I need a lot of vitamin C, the doctor said, in order to catch up with the heavy rhythms of my work (software developer). So I bought a lot of oranges, but I exaggerated a little and I am running out of space in my room. So my beloved Santa please, if you have any spare boxes to place my oranges I would be glad… I have included a photo of what boxes I mean. Nothing overpriced, just some boxes. Preferably in orange color, to fit them at my room’s decoration.

PS: A glass of refreshing orange juice will be left next to the fireplace.
PS2: There are rumors about an awesome game package for personal computer entertainment named after Orange Box. I don’t want to seem greedy so, even if I want this game so much, I don’t want you to spend much money for me. Stick to the orange boxes, as said.

For the both of you, congratulations and please email support [at] steamfriends.com with your adress details including your full name, street, city, country etc so we can sent you the packs as soon as they are available.

Note: The results of the contest are not open for debate.