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SourceBans Documentation

This page describes the installation of the SourceBans plugin. Throughout this document there may be abbreviations, words, or phrases representative of other objects or phrases. Here is a list of what certain things represent

  • <mod> – this represents the “mod” directory, for example, cstrike, dod, or hl2mp
  • When a file path is trailed with * this represents “every file” in this directory
  • root/rooted – this means that this is where a file path starts.



Extract the contents of the plugin package to your <mod>/ directory.

For your convenience this is a list of the files and their necessary locations,  all of these are rooted in the <mod>/ directory.addons/sourcemod/configs/sourcebans/sourcebans.cfgaddons/sourcemod/plugins/sourcebans.smxaddons/sourcemod/scripting/sourcebans.spaddons/sourcemod/translations/plugins.sourcebans.txt

Database setup:

Edit addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg and add an entry for SourceBans.

It should have the following general format:

"Databases"{"driver_default"                "mysql"        "sourcebans"        {        "driver"                        "mysql"        "host"                          "localhost"             // The host where your mysql server is located        "database"                      "sourcebans_db"         // The name of the database        "user"                          "sb"                    // The name of the user that the plugin should use to connect        "pass"                          "sbpass"                // The password for this user        }}


After extracting these to your <mod>/ directory find your sourcebans.cfg directory and set up the necessary information.
The following is an explanation of each option.

  • website
    • When a player is banned it shows this website address to the banned player along with the message given to them on the banning.
  • Addban (not implemented)
    • Allows administrators to add a ban to the database without the player being in the current server, and without using the web interface.
  • Unban
    • Allows administrators to remove a ban from the database without having to use the web interface.
  • DatabasePrefix
    • This is the prefix given to your bans tables in your MySQL database (this should be set up during the web interface installation)
  • RetryTime
    • This is how long a after a ban check has failed (usually due to connection issues) for the plugin to check again.
  • ProcessQueueTime
    • How often should backup ban queue is processed in minutes. This queue is a local file that is used to store bans when you lose connectivity to the mysql server.
  • BanReasons
    • These are generic options that are displayed in a menu if no reason is given when the console command for ban.
  • HackingReasons
    • These are generic options that are displayed in a menu if hacking is selected from the ban menu.

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