Steam mods now only through store!

The mods for Half-Life 2 that got released on Steam before are now NOT in your UNINSTALLED part anymore of Steam. If you want to grab the mod you need to go to the Steam store and hit download from there. This is probably also the best since otherwise your Steam games window would be […]

TF2 Content Updates continue next year

The Team Fortress 2 team helping out on Left 4 Dead’s Versus Mode has resulted in a considerable delay to the next, unnamed class update: “Well, it won’t be this year,” said Lombardi when asked about the next update. “But we’re going to keep evolving TF2. Once Left 4 Dead wraps, you’ll hear us clamoring […]

Left 4 Dead gets a small delay

Nothing bad so dont get shocked, but In an interview with Gabe Newell himself the guys from find out that Left 4 Dead will get a littlebit of a delay for it’s release date. It will be moved from November 4th to November 20th 2008.

Team Fortress 2 Discount For The Weekend

For those of you who still do not have TeamFortress 2 – now may be a good time to make the purchase. This weekend, there is a 33% discount on TF2 – making it a very reasonable price of $19.95. The discount is due to end Monday, April 21st. More information in relation to Team […]

Steam Store gets a facelift

Valve has been working hard on a brand new Steampowered Store that makes browsing easier and adds some new features to it aswell. One of the main new things is that you can immediatelly browse by game genre, check for free stuff and you’ll get a better overview of the most important things. We expect […]