Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server Available

Jason Ruymen from Valve has just announced on the HLDS mailing list that the Team Fortress 2 dedicated server content is available for download through the hldsupdatetool, as well as an update to hldsupdatetool itself, which now indicates the percentage of the update completed. Here is the announcement from Jason himself: Hi guys, First off, […]

Half-Life 2 Secrets: ‘Lost’ and Gnomes

Rumours are flying around the internet right now regarding apparent Half-Life 2 secrets. More specifically, involving the Half-Life 2 series, the ABC show ‘Lost’ and… gnomes. Yes, you read right, it really does sound that strange. So join us now as we collect together the ‘evidence’ and try to blow this whole ordeal apart. The […]

Norton Trojan horse with a Steam game?

It seems that people using Symantec’s Norton and Corporate edition antivirus scanner products have reported very strange Trojan horse warnings about HL2 games in Steam. This report seems to be false and we do not know why Symantec is reporting this as of yet. Blackhawk from the Steam forums tells us how to fix this: […]

NBA 2K9 Review

In the last few years, EA Sports have built up a healthy monopoly for Basketball games on the PC without any real competition… but now someone is trying to steal the king´s crown. After years sticking to consoles, 2K Sports published the latest addition to its basketball series ‘NBA 2K9′ for the PC. Will 2Ks […]

Source Detox Anti-cheat 1.1 build 22 available

Detox is a server-side anti-cheat plugin for the Source Engine with auto updater. The main purpose of this plugin is to provide server admins and players with a better overall protection against cheats and exploits. Right now it supports full anti wallhack and anti speedhack. This new version adds the following features:   Multi-lingual supportAnd […]