New Game Mode for Counter Strike: Source?

Could this be the big CSS update we’ve all been waiting for?

Extra code has been found in the cstrike.fgd file relating to a new Gametype called ‘Heist’. In this code there is talk of ‘Territory’ and ‘Respawn Areas’ – it would appear that Heist is a sort of Territorial Capture Mode.

It then goes on to mention the map cs_assault and many different capture points in this map, including ‘Terrorists’ Base Territory Point (Non-Capturable)’, ‘Bank Territory Control Point’ and ‘Surveillance Center Territory Control Point’.

Respawning is also mentioned:
respawntime(float) : “Wave Respawn Time” : 30 : “Respawn time in seconds.”
@SolidClass base(Targetname) = func_territory_respawn_area:
“Players will respawn inside this area.”

Also mentioned is an entity called ‘point_territory_control_rules’ which is described as “The Territory Control rules entity (VERY IMPORTANT!)”.

So when will we see this new Game Mode in action? We hope sometime very soon.