Eventscripts 2.0 beta released

EventScripts is a Source engine add-on that will automatically execute scripts whenever game events occur. With over 1000 scripts and plugins, Mattie’s Eventscripts is one of the biggest scripting platforms for the Source engine.

So what’s new in version 2?
From Mattie: This new version of ES is a huge leap in features and performance: we’ve added full Python 2.5 scripting support to Source. In addition, we will be introducing easy/automatic addon downloads, and a full eXtensible Admin addon coming standard with ES2.

New Features:

  • Full Python 2.5 language support for addons: Scripts can now be written in Python! This provides a huge world of new possibilities. See the FAQ for details on the coolness.
  • Performance boosts!: Many existing scripts will see dramatic performance improvements. Core libraries (e.g. popup, keymenu) were rewritten in Python for speed.
  • Multi-lingual support: Addons can now easily provide strings files for translation. See the MugMod 2.0 example to see it in action.
  • New! eXtensible Admin (XA) – (Coming Soon) Full-featured admin addon, written to be easily extensible with your existing ES scripts. (Join our private beta)
  • Automatic addon downloads – (Coming Soon) Admins will be able to use es_install to download and install addons via their console. It will support installing any approved addons directly from the Addon Manager.
  • … and more!: Chat filters, tick listeners, raw client command handling, new ways to optimize EventScripts for clan/tournament servers, more VGUI menu support, effect library, bug fixes, web page parsing, reliability improvements, etc.

Our goal is to continue to make the lives of admins as easy as possible.

For more information please visit this thread at or visit the ES Python homepage: