Half-Life 2 Secrets: ‘Lost’ and Gnomes

Rumours are flying around the internet right now regarding apparent Half-Life 2 secrets. More specifically, involving the Half-Life 2 series, the ABC show ‘Lost’ and… gnomes. Yes, you read right, it really does sound that strange. So join us now as we collect together the ‘evidence’ and try to blow this whole ordeal apart.

The Half-Life 2 Series Contains ‘Lost’ References

Evidence #1: Valve like Lost
It’s no secret that the team at Valve love the show. You just have to look at puzzles in their games (a prime example being Portal) to see the inspiration they take from the series.

Evidence #2: Lost Logo found in Game
Check out the picture below taken from Half Life 2: Episode 2. The logo shown in the picture bears a striking resemblance to the Dharma Initiative logo from Lost (shown inset). Coincidence?

Evidence #3: Lost Code found in Game
A mysterious code of numbers found in the TV series has been found in Episode 2 also. Found on a random computer screen, it is identical to the code found in Lost – “4 8 15 16 23 42”. This is just a little too coincidental, would you not say?

The Lost Room

According to various Youtube videos, a gnome can be found at the very start on Half-Life 2: Episode 2 under a cabinet. Yes, a gnome – big red pointy hat, huge bushy beard, usual place of residence: the bottom of your garden – you get the idea.


So what do you do with it exactly? According to many sources, you take this silly ornament ALL THE WAY through the game to the rocket launch part and then, before shutting the rocket door, you place the gnome into the rocket. The point being? According to the grapevine, this will then unlock a special ‘Lost Room’. We here at Steamfriends would love to find out if this is actually true, but would you believe that we have better things to do than carry a garden ornament 7 hours through a game?

So what is true? What is lies? What is complete and utter nonsense? Is there really any connection between Half-Life 2 and Lost? Is there really a Lost Room in Episode 2? Will anyone ever solve the mysteries? Does anyone really actually care?