Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server Available

Jason Ruymen from Valve has just announced on the HLDS mailing list that the Team Fortress 2 dedicated server content is available for download through the hldsupdatetool, as well as an update to hldsupdatetool itself, which now indicates the percentage of the update completed. Here is the announcement from Jason himself:

Hi guys,

First off, in preparation for the upcoming dedicated server for Team Fortress 2, we’ve updated the hldsupdatetool. Along with that, we’ve made the content for Team Fortress 2 that you’ll need for a dedicated server available. To get that, run hldsupdatetool with the command “-command update -game tf”.

The dedicated server itself is not yet ready. We’re working very hard to make it available as soon as possible. The Linux build might be a little later than the Win32 build, but hopefully not by much. So for now, sync up the TF 2 content that’s available to get your server ready