Team Fortress 2 Update

Steam friends finds out that Valve has released another update tonight for Team Fortress 2 which includes some fixed for several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking and many other issues. Team Fortress fan will be happy to hear that we have an exclusive deal from one of our partner sites […]

Zeno Clash free DLC for GMod

The Zeno Clash team just released brand new downloadable content including 49 Character models, 14 Creature Models and 8 Weapon Models of Zeno Clash for Garry’s Mod. The Ace Team hopes that this will inspire many GMod players to actually create videos, screens or machinima. Naturally, the model pack will be free to download and […]


DIPRIP (or ‘Die in Pain Rest in Peace’) will soon bring its drive-and-shoot-em-up Steam-wards. Steamfriends were invited to take a look and now bring you all the details. A Bit Twisted Right off the mark, we should point out that DIPRIP is a complete clone of the acclaimed ‘Twisted Metal’. Players drive huge beasts of […]