Garrys Mod and Audiosurf updates

There are some new updates available on Steam for both Garry’s Mod and Audiosurf. The Garry’s Mod one fixes a whole bunch of crash bugs and other glitches while the Audiosurf update Fixes comment submissions. Read more on steam friends for the full changelogs. Garry’s Mod Fixed HL2 Sniper crash in multiplayer Fixed rare server […]

HLstatsX Premium Update

A special gift by the HLstatsX Premium Team was put under the Christmas tree this year. The statistic webpages of HLstatsX Premium accounts were replaced by a complete new web framework. Main goal was to increase the possibility of customization of the data representation. This new, stable, and robust framework has quite a few benefits which will […]

I-Fluid Review

I-Fluid – what you might regard for a new ‘Apple’ product turns out to be a motley physic-based adventure just like the good old ‘Marble Madness’ or more recent ‘Spectraball’, made by the french indie-developers from ‘Exkee’. But I-Fluid is not just another clone of these games – it offers some fresh new ideas and […]

Valve and Amd Team up for Auto Driver Updates

AMD and Valve have teamed up to make access to new ATI Catalyst drivers easier to obtain. Both companies have announced collaboration plans allowing Steam users to detect and install the latest ATI Catalyst divers for their ATI Radeon graphics cards. SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Sept. 15, 2010 — AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced its collaboration with […]

Dystopia 1.30 now on Steam

Team Dystopia has released their latest version of Dystopia (a free hl2 based modification) to the public, 1.30. This new version brings Dystopia to an upgraded engine, which allowed the team to fix numerous bugs, add in many new visual effects, take advantage of new communication protocols among other things. They also updated a lot […]